MongoDB Create User Tool

This is a simple MongoDB User Creation tool which provides you with the correct query to insert a new user into your admin or specified Auth Database.

Everything is generated locally and data never leaves your browser. This is the product of having to search for the correct query on various pages many times before.

Generated MongoDB Query:

Generated Connection String:

Other fields you can populate

customData (optional): Additional data associated with the user, stored as a document. writeConcern (optional): The write concern for the user creation operation. authenticationRestrictions (optional): Additional authentication restrictions for the user, such as client certificates or a list of IPs which can access the database for the specific user.

    customData: { key: “value” },
    writeConcern: { w: “majority”, wtimeout: 1000 },
    authenticationRestrictions: [
            clientSource: [“”, “”]
            user: “readOnlyUser”,
            serverAddress: [“”]

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